Tantrastic Gathering

Registration closed

September 15 - September 23


With May

Registrations for the gathering are over. For more information, contact the organizer.


We especially welcome those who have never been to Folleterre. It will be the beginning of autumn, and the land will be achingly beautiful.

If you have questions, ask May at tantrastic@folleterre.org.

It would be so lovely to see you.

Dear Friends, Queer Friends. Join us for a week-long exploration of meditation, healing, introspection, Tantric practices, dishwashing, art, massage, baths under the stars, laughter, heart circles, sex magic, more dishwashing, and a No Talent Show!

Do you know how you will donate to Folleterre? We suggest that during gatherings faeries donate 20-40 Euros per day of their stay, depending on their ability to pay. No One is Turned Away For Lack of Funds.

Connais-tu déjà ta participation financière ? Nous suggérons que pendant les gatherings les fées donnent entre 20 et 40 euros par jour, selon leurs possibilités. Personne n’est refusé pour un manque d’argent.