Practical Magic – A basic ThetaHealing course


August 13 - August 17


With Ananda

A great witch is one that know how to be always connected with her inner source of power. She knows that it’s her connection with the great mystery, or the inexhaustible life force that is in all things. She can recruit the powers of nature to her focused intention and manifest a new reality, or bend the laws of reality. We generate miracles by chance all the time, but if we want to create knowingly we shall need a strong imagination and a focused mind.

ThetaHealing is a new modality that is based on ancient, universal wisdom. It teaches how to connect directly to this magnificent source of power and how to attain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

The basic technique is very simple, and can be used in many ways.

In this course you will learn:

Intuitive body scanning

Witnessing healing


Communicating with guardian angels

Finding and changing belief systems

Remembering the future

And more…


With great power comes great responsibility… Learning these techniques will increase your powers! Using them positively depends on you…

The course is offered as a gift to the faeries at Folleterre, as the sanctuary is based on the spirit of goodwill and generosity. It is very precious knowledge.


In order to join the course you need to commit to the whole course which lasts 7 hours of study for 3 days, August 14, 15, and 16.

About the gathering facilitator: Ananda (Noam Paz) is a Thetahealing master, a Yoga teacher and an inter-diciplinary artist.