Throughout the past season of cancelled gatherings, dashed dreams, and fallow times, the Steward Circle of Folleterre has continually consulted with the wider faerie community and gathering organizers with the hope of gathering back on the land in a meaningful way as soon as possible.

Although the global emergency is far from over, despite many unknowns, and with respect for our neighbors and the faerie community in Europe, we are prepared to announce a provisional schedule of gatherings to take place in person on the land in 2021.

All gatherings on the land will be in compliance with French law and regulations with regard to the gathering of groups. This can change rapidly. Therefore, there are a series of important changes to our normal gathering process:

  • Any gathering may be cancelled at any time without warning in response to changes in French regulations. We will all need to be flexible with travel planning.
  • We will gather together exclusively as members of the private association Les Amis de Folleterre. More information about this will be communicated to you later.
  • Gatherings will be extremely small compared to past seasons, with the exact number of participants compliant with French regulations at the time the gathering happens.
  • Because very few places will be available at gatherings this year, and we all wish for everyone to have the chance to visit the land, it would be most respectful to others not to register for multiple gatherings.
  • Gatherings will be compartmentalized. Faeries must respect the designated arrival and departure days so that the house may be carefully cleaned and left empty before the next gathering. It will thus not be possible to stay at Folleterre between gatherings or attend consecutive gatherings.
  • Each gathering and its organizers will seek to build and maintain a safe-enough-to-try container for their gathering. Ultimately, the gathering participants will be responsible for building an internal consensus about what happens privately amongst themselves on the land during their gathering.

More than ever before, attending a gathering at Folleterre in 2021 will require extra planning, communication, and adaptability. This year, you all can expect to have much more communication with gathering organizers. We look forward to connecting and co-creating this journey together.

Here are the steps to pre-register for a gathering:

  1. Look at the gathering calendar below and decide if you(s) feel the Call to attend a gathering. Registration for each gathering opens when the dates and co-facilitators are confirmed. Please check back for updates as necessary. More gatherings may be announced at any time.
  2. Follow the indicated link within that gathering call to submit a pre-registration form.
  3. A few weeks prior to the gathering start date, organizers will assess conditions to determine the maximum number of participants possible. Everyone who registered will be informed if they DO or DO NOT have a confirmed spot in the gathering, or whether they are on the waiting list. Contact the gathering organizers for details.
  4. Additional important information will be communicated following pre-registration.

We understand this approach is imperfect, yet will collectively do our best to make sure that every faerie who feels the call will be able to travel to Folleterre at least once in 2021.

Let’s continue to discover radical solutions and create magical faerie dreams together!

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