THE HOUSE IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE 2022 SEASON.  Pay attention to your inbox in January for the 2023 gatherings calendar, which will be published first in our emailed newsletter.


Yoohoo, yoohoo, yoohoo!

In consultation with the Folleterre faerie community and gathering organizers, the Steward Circle announces a fresh season of gatherings on the land for 2022. At this time more than ever, let’s come together to do what we do best: to make sanctuary, where we might hope to radically care for the Land and one another from the heart, in the spirit of peace and love!

Please read carefully the 2022 registration considerations outlined below, as well as the individual gathering calls. Note that some gatherings are currently open for registration, while others will open once the gathering call has manifested – and more gatherings may be announced in the weeks ahead… so please check back for updates.


Limited Gathering Capacity:

  • The Gatherings Princess team of Harmonizers, in consultation with gathering organizers and consensus among the Steward Circle, has set a maximum of 50 registrations for all gatherings this season.  Some gathering organizers have chosen a lower capacity. Please see the gathering calls for details and confirm with gathering organizers before booking your travels!
  • Please only register for gatherings that you are sure that you can attend. Once registration closes, organizers are requested to keep a waiting list in event of cancellations. Please notify the organizers if you are unable to attend, so your spot may become available to others!
  • Should the evolution of the covid pandemic or any other factor influence the French State to implement legal regulations affecting our gathering plans, the Steward Circle will advise organizers accordingly.

Coordinating Arrivals & Departures:

  • Whenever possible, faeries are requested to arrive on the first scheduled day of the gathering and to depart on the last scheduled day of the gathering. This makes carpooling easier and helps to minimize local traffic into and out of the sanctuary.
  • Furthermore, by leaving the sanctuary empty between each gathering, we allow each gathering to be its own bubble and have the best possible chance at a fresh start.
  • If you intend to stay from one gathering to the next, or to be on the land outside the established gathering dates for whatever reason, please contact the organizers well in advance.

Testing Considerations:

  • With collective consideration for the most vulnerable amongst us, all faeries coming to Folleterre are asked to confirm a negative covid self-test before traveling to the sanctuary.
  • A supply of self-tests will also be available on the land for faeries to use at their discretion.
  • Gathering organizers may outline more specific covid considerations, please read the gathering calls carefully and contact the organizers with your questions.

Thank you all in advance for helping to create the conditions for collective care 🙂


Additional resources for Radical Faerie gatherings beyond Folleterre.

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