All gatherings in 2020 have been cancelled.
The sanctuary is currently closed until further notice.
Please do not travel to the land.

The year 2020 began like most others at Folleterre with the joy and optimism of an abundant year of faeries gathering on the land together. In the wake of the global pandemic, our ordinary cycle of gatherings has been disrupted and few if any faeries will be able to travel to the land.

The Stewards Circle of Folleterre has chosen to prioritize health and safety above all else and will continually evaluate the changing circumstances in France and the rest of Europe in consultation with gathering organizers and the wider community. When it becomes possible to schedule gatherings that protect the well-being of individual faeries and the community, with respect for our local neighbors and regional travel restrictions, entirely new gatherings may be Called and announced to faeries online.

Read additional information regarding COVID-19 here

Do you want to visit Folleterre in 2020 or 2021?
Until widespread vaccination relieves the world of the current pandemic, the practices and behaviors associated with radical faerie gatherings at our sanctuary present special risks to ourselves and others. In June 2020 the Stewards of Folleterre hosted a community forum asking the question: What is a safe gathering in 2020? If you would like to hear more about this topic and add your voice, please feel free to contact us.

Additional resources for Radical Faerie gatherings in Europe:
Eurofaeries (Europe), Albion Faeries (UK), and Alto das Fadas (PT)

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