Membership Application

PLEASE NOTE: If you(s) do not want to use email, you(s) may also submit an application for membership on paper at Folleterre containing all of the information below and a signature.

Folleterre is owned by a law 1901 non-profit association in France called Les Amis de Folleterre. Associations need members. Our bylaws allow for two kinds of members: community members and active members.

Community members are those who identify as part of the community. If you(s) do, then you(s) already are!

Active members are those whose names appear on our official paperwork, and get a few rights in the association, like being able to fully participate in the consensus-making process at the Great Circle. A complete description of our consensus-making process can be found in our Folleterre Empowerment Through Cooperation Handbook starting on page 3.

If you(s) have been to a gathering before, gone home, and come back to Folleterre (or plan to), you(s) can become an active member(s). Submit this form below and your “active membership” will last until next year’s Great Circle. See you(s) next year, faerie(s)!

Active Membership Form

    Yes / OuiNo / Non

    Monthly contributions help keep the sanctuary’s doors open. Would you(s) like to start one? Find the details here.