PolyTickle Gathering

July 10 - July 18


With Baby V, Rhizome, Toto, & Love

The roots of faerie community are an act of protest or redefinition, a movement into nature and community as a foil to normative and complicit queer identities that seem to solidify in moments when queers start to have access to mainstream legitimacy. How does that movement continue today? How are a rainbow of social forces – homophobias, capitalisms, racisms, misogynies, transphobias, ablisms, classisms, ageisms, but also utopias, liberations of dialogues, technologies of pleasure, more-than-human kinships and ecologies, revivals, inventions and re-adaptations of communal magic-making – acting upon us and inspiring us to act as individuals and communities large and small? How can a faerie gathering and its particular mix of activity and restful care, imaginings and concrete services and tasks, be conceived of as a model for political reflection, care taking, fantasy, and action? A chance to let our spirits, minds, and bodies sing, debate, vibrate, and soothe with/against/for one another. A chance to be courageous, vulnerable, and loving.