2023 Summer Solstice Gathering

June 16 - June 26


With Luna, Bulgaria & Hyacinth

FAERIE! You are being called to Folleterre for a celebration of the life-giving, fun-loving, adoration-deserving Sun!

The Sun gives us light, heat, and liiiiiiife all year. So come adore the sun deities relevant to your cultural background: Phoebus Apollo, Belenos, Amaterasu, the baby from Teletubbies, Ra, Billy Porter’s 2019 Met Gala lewk, Huitzilopochtli….

At this gathering we will celebrate the Sun with play, nudity, yummy food, a No Talent Show, laughter, intimacy, and sister-brother-non-binary-sibling-hood. On the Shortest Night, we will stand vigil for the Sun, greeting it as it rises at the Monument. On Solstice Day, we will open the Solstice Chest and enjoy the Solstice Treasures of previous Solstice gatherings and offer our own.

All faeries of all backgrounds and shapes and genders and lewks and styles are called to join us at this intimate gathering of up to 40 faeries with a first come first served rule.