2023 Summer Community Week

July 21 - August 2


With Chris

Welcome to the Fabric of Dreams – Summer Community Week!

Fabric of Dreams – Summer Community Week is a place to imagine, explore, and build living spaces… an interweaving of dream and craft.

We invite you, beautiful creature of any shape and any colour, experienced or beginner; to come together dressed in country butch attire adorned with hints of visionary drag. Join us, in the peak of summer in the sweaty heat and dazzling light to honour our sanctuary and to get things done.

Let’s meet, first of all, to celebrate the pleasure of being together in radical freedom, magic, and creativity, according to the faerie tradition to practice love and benevolence, and the circles of the heart.

Let’s meet to be generous, each according to their talents, means, and desires.

Let’s meet to be designers and practical builders – co-creating, reinventing and working on the physical living space that is Folleterre.

From the drag room to the call-me-by-your-sauna, from the meadow to the garden, let’s meet to design, repair, beautify, clean, sow and harvest, build and deconstruct… to do good for our house and our land to make it even more magical and more welcoming.

This is an opportunity to give back to Folleterre a little of what it gives us.

We are waiting for you!