2023 Hearts & Minds Gathering (Great Circle)

August 3 - August 9


With Notre Dame des Arbres, Miqhey Mixcha, Sparkling Water & Diomade Ish

Hearts & Minds Gathering:

A Roots to Fruits journey

Embracing our Great Circle

At the heart of this Folleterre Gathering is the Great Circle of our Community: The Tree of our Radical Faerie Life that calls once a year to all members. Whether you are “out on a limb” feeling “seedy’, are 100% fruit or fully-flowering –  all branches and twigs are welcome.

You are heartily asked to bring your whole Self: Your hearts to attune as one beat; your mindfulness to share and sharpen the centre point of our season, all needed to make the Magick dish that we co-cook up in the alchemic mix of ingredients for this Soul Food event.

Our Great Circle reviews the work of the previous year, hears reports from the retiring stewards, and makes proposals for the future. Crucially here, we receive pledges from those who wish to form the new Stewards Circle and/or volunteer in some specific way. Maybe that would be you?

Active Members can vote, but all Community members are welcome to attend, participate and contribute-  any member can submit proposals and reports.  These will go either to the special working circles, during our days together, or to Great Circle, Sunday 6th, as appropriate.

Too often, our feet, trusted servants of journeying – are sorely neglected.  The same with our Radical Faerie Roots. These need to be acknowledged, given love, care, due respect. In this 17th year of Sanctuary we ask fundamental questions at the bottom of all that has so far been built.

  • Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?
  • Destinations may vary in minds but our hearts need align with how we make the journey –
  • Are we walking on a path we desire and are we well kitted-out for the road?
  • Do we have a good balance between distance travelled and sufficient rest?  Is our pace gentle enough- or maybe irksomely slow?
  • Are we accepting, inclusive of and respectful to those fellow-travellers with whom we started or who have joined us along the way;  have we excluded some?
  • Is our compass/guide ethical, moral; sure-footed in service and care? Have we lost vessels from our convoy along the way?
  • Did we make it easy or difficult for others to join us in the wonders of our journey?
  • Can we give more regard and support to those making parallel or similar journeys- maybe from different start-points in time and space?
  • Do we take for granted those who care for our Sanctuary with time,energy, love year in, year out? Does our engagement start with Gratitude?
  • Is our road over-crowded.. Does it allow us to share the space with respect, with Grace?

This is a gathering for taking stock not taking or giving stick. In Gathering, from a Magical vantage point, time and space are suspended, cosily held in the bubble of safety we cast together. We will look back and forward but remain in the now. The Radical Faerie drums that heralded this journey are now distant, but the sound still carries. It was different drumming, yes, but its beat still exhorts us to discern the similarities between us. Our Joy and our Bliss is not to march but to Dance to that drum.

Let’s Dance! You are invited xxx

by  Notre Dame des Arbres, Miqhey Mixcha, Sparkling Water & Diomade Ish