2023 Roots’n Fruits Gathering

Registrations closed

March 12 - March 19


With Cocotte & Flow

Roots’n fruits gathering
Cocotte & Flow

If the pandemic, which kept the fairies distant, allowed the garden to rest a little, it still remains asleep… Shhhh… Centipedes, damselflies with golden eyes, maggots, springtails, blackbirds and red -throats, and even a troop of deer rummaging under the leaves and in the compost. This horde of little friends digests rhinestones, sequins, paraffin, ribbons and plastic labels of fruit from other countries. Haaaaaaa the garden!

Meanwhile some fairies (that’s us baby) are stamping their feet with impatience, having watched the trees in the nursery grow far too long.

2023, here we go : it’s time to reconnect with the Folleterre garden!

It is at the end of winter, before the days finally become longer than the nights and the vegetation wakes up, that we invite 15 fairies to come and heat the earth, the house and our brains to a week in a small group.

We first imagine, around a very civilized tea, sharing garden gossips and cultivating our today’s desires for the gardens of tomorrow. And then wildly rolling around in the mud and the frills, pecking and stuffing oneself, moaning and cajoling, getting drunk on spring !

But first of all, tell each other about our dream gardens, draw, weed, plant, dig, exchange together in the alleys, between young and old… trees, sow surprises…

Let’s redeploy our garden, let’s build a common culture around this space!

That’s the intention that drives us, with you, to move our fresh and spruce little magical buttocks!

So, despite the spring frosts and with the warmth of our hearts, the sauna and the new oven… let’s gather our magical powers to make our walks inner paths, our community a landscape, and our sanctuary a garden!

Big primroses kisses