2019 Shamanic Reconnection Gathering

Registration is Closed

September 9 - September 15


With Luna & Waitari

This gathering is now full.  Please contact the organizers if you have any questions.

Yooo Hooo faeries of the green soul!

We are calling a gathering to honor the ancient paths and explore the meeting of the ways between Queer Spirit and Shamanism. This will be a time to reconnect with ourselves, with each other, with the Earth and the world of the Ancestors and Spirits.

We will come together to love, sing, dance, laugh, heal and hold ceremony. We are calling on adventurous and courageous faeries from all corners, storytellers, musicians, holy fools, tricksters, stargazers, fellow travelers in the green path, come and join us in co-creating this gathering!

Within this gathering, our vision is to come together in spaces of deep inner exploration, which – like climbing a mountain summit – might at times be confronting and challenging, but also open the eyes to the wide horizon of life that is within each of us.

To do this work, we would like to create a safe and intimate container with no more than 30 faeries. We therefore ask you to please register in advance. After registration, you will receive an email containing additional information.

With love, hope and joy,

Luna and Waitari