2019 Solstice Gathering

June 15 - June 23


With Hyacinth & Kairos

This is the Solstice Gathering.

It will be a normal gathering, plus Solstice happens.



UPDATE: OK, so I know “normal” is a stigmatizing word for some faeries, and it’s also not helpful for first-time faeries, so I will explain.

When I said that Solstice will be a normal gathering, I meant that it’s not a workshop or a work week or a themed gathering with activities scheduled in advance.

Faeries will bring ideas for workshops and rituals and a No Talent Show and stuff, they’ll announce what they’re offering in the morning at Practical Circle and that will be the agenda for the day.

We’ll also have cooking and dishes and pick-ups and other gathering work to do, because it’s just a normal gathering.

And we’ll have lots of heart circles, because heart circles are the center of this gathering, because it’s just a normal faerie gathering.

So I mean that it’ll be co-created outside of the very basic structure of Practical Circle (10 a.m.), lunch (1 p.m.) and dinner (7-8 p.m.).

Other than on Solstice Day itself.

Because Solstice is a special day and if you want to know why just come to the gathering.



UPDATE 2: So I know it’s not helpful to say “if you want to know why Solstice is special, then just come to the gathering.”

But really.

It’s the longest day of the year.

Isn’t that special enough? People have thought it was special enough for thousands of years.

The end.



UPDATE 3: I am trying SO HARD to be helpful here.

Solstice is folleterrien New Year’s. It’s a bank holiday at the Bank of Folleterre. It’s a jour ferié in France, limited to our property.

We stay up the night before, keeping vigil on the Shortest Night. If we don’t, the sun might not rise and then I will have to explain to the neighbors why the sun didn’t rise and they’ll say, “You had one job, faeries. ONE. JOB. And damn it you didn’t do it.”

Then we go up to the Monument to greet the sun as it rises. And it’s fucking beautiful, because we’re all together and we’re kind of cold and playing drums and sleep deprived and feeling the sun rise.

After that, we go back to the house and open the Solstice Chest and look at the Solstice Treasures.

Then we go to bed because we’ll be so tired.

We take the day easy. We take care of ourselves. No Practical Circle, we enjoy each other’s company, we’re tired, but we did it, the sun is up because of us, because of our magic.

At the end of the day we offer something to the Solstice Chest, close it for the year, and go to bed.

It’s a good gathering, faeries. Please come for all of it if you can. Do not arrive on Solstice day or the day after if you can help it.