Nature Connection Retreat

August 20 - August 27

With Wood Pigeon

Registrations for this gathering are closed.


Awareness! Belonging! Connection!

Nature Connection Retreat at Folleterre Monday 20th- Monday 27th August 2018

    1. When we get out of the glass bottles of our ego,

When we escape like squirrels

Turning in the cages of our personality

And get into the forests again,

We shall shiver with cold and fright

But things will happen to us

So that we don’t know ourselves.

Cool, unlying life will rush in,

And, passion will make our bodies taut with power,

We shall stand our feet with new power

And old things will fall down,

We shall laugh, and institutions will curl up like burnt paper.

–D.H. Lawrence Get Into the Forests Again

Come faeries, hear the call. Yoo-Hoo…. Folleterre is calling you to join us for a week in the late flowering summer for some gentle, nourishing and mindful being in our Faerie Sanctuary.

Come faeries and rewild your spirit with a playful, curious and mysterious journey into the hidden depths of Nature.

We will gather, discover and bear witness to the Magic of this land, each other and ourselves.

In this kindly and caring emergent space we will co-create rituals, fireside storytelling, heart circles, set intentions, explore embodied practices, meditate, discover the core routines of nature connection, awaken our senses, gaze at the stars, be in service to each other and gently become the silent witness to all that is.

Please note for this Retreat you are kindly requested to minimise the use of alcohol and any other substances to experience Awareness of the natural state.

There will be extended periods of kindly silence so that we may go more deeply into contact with ourselves and the land.

Arrivals Monday 20th August

Departures Monday 27th August

Please register for this retreat if you can attend the whole week as this helps support the participants to go deeper in safety, Love and solidarity.

Camping equipment available with plenty of options for outdoor pitches in forests, meadows and gardens. Indoor accommodation also possible.