2019 Pan Gathering

Registration is Closed

July 12 - July 19


With Fauny, Shokti, & Whimsley

This gathering is full and Registration for this gathering is now Closed. 

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PAN GATHERING 2019  July 12-19, 2019

Arcadia at Folleterre…Celebrating the Lord of the Beasts, the God of the Land, the Horned One: PAN

PAN calls his faerie children to claim their inheritance as indigenous souls of planet Earth who are remembering our roots, our ancestors, our mission and our strength.

Meeting Him in the Forest, in the Water, in the Fire, in Ourselves and Each Other, recreating a Timeless Tradition of Communion with His Spirit.

Exploring the power of sexuality, nature’s most giving gift, and love, the divine mystery, to open us to Pan’s presence.

Rituals. Workshops. Fire Circles. Feasts. Storytelling. Journeying.

PAN desires that his modern priests discover their role in the world today, bringing magic, enchantment and grace to life in their divinised bodies and empowered hearts.

PAN also means ‘everything’. PAN meets us through the dance of shadow and light, through the mysteries of the body, of eros, desire and sacred play – and through living as a tribe in the forest: Listening. Feeling. Walking. Touching. Loving. Dancing. Drumming. Knowing. Being

Faeries of all genders welcome on this co-created journey with Pan and the nature spirits of Folleterre.

PRIORITY GIVEN TO FAERIES WHO WISH TO COME FOR THE WHOLE GATHERING – those registering for only part of the week may not get a place

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to come along REGISTER!  This gathering is limited to 40 participants, and faeries are requested to respect the booking process to be part of this intimate and focused exploration.  PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY TURN UP ON THE LAND AND EXPECT TO BE PART OF THE GATHERING.  Once registrations are full a waiting list will be in operation.