The Bonobo Experience

September 25 - September 29

With Bonobo

Bonobos are our closest relative and the most peace loving tribe on earth. They use sex to maintain emotional balance and reduce conflict. Bonobos’ have managed to use pleasure to maintain peace in community. To say the least, we have much to learn from them!

Bonobo Woodland will be guiding us on a consciousness-altering journey in which we literally return back to the womb and allow ourselves to be re-born, freed from human-ness of a while. More open to play, explore pleasure, and have fun.

This is a pansexual group experience using bonobo culture as our guide. Take this rare opportunity to develop the awareness of bonobo tribe and connection through touch whilst being in human-hood. This event is not exclusively about sexual connection (though it’s welcome here!), but more-so about tapping into our deepest essence of pure PLAY within a Tribe who absolve all potential for disharmony through PLEASURE! We’ll be using playful movements, gestures, sounds, laughter, art, massage, food, forest games and nest building to incite full-body pleasure and group connection.

  • Experience, connection in a safe playful space
  • Understand how we can communicate though touch
  • Cook and share food to create trust and eroticism
  • Take pleasure in bonding and grooming in nature
  • Learn to witness and experience group compassion
  • Share our skills to develop new ways of being together
  • Understand Bonobos’ use for the sexual
  • Use art as a mode of communication
  • Build outside hang out spaces
  • Play Forest games
  • Be brave in our journey to a pro-social experience
  • Learn how bonobos’ use sex to defuse conflict
  • Raise awareness of Bonobos
  • Become a Touch Activist

I will be video recording the event with discretion. It is very important that I get consent from the participants via a consent form.
The footage will be use to raise awareness of The Bonobo Experience retreats.