LumberJanes Community Week

October 23 - October 31

With Wood Pigeon & Regal Ragged


This year’s Lumber Janes has been a very spontaneous initiative! Thank you to all of you who have already registered for the gathering – at present, it seems like there will be at least a good dozen of us; we have a kitchen mum and providers for lifts from and to the station – now it would be lovely to get some more numbers!

We will be heading over to the Radical Faerie Sanctuary, Folleterre, to share a Lumber Jane Community Week on the land to give some love to the place before winter sets in and we close the house.
If you’re curious because you’ve heard about Folleterre and would like to get stuck in and do some practical work for a week with a lovely, open, friendly queer community, please let us know!
Our community weeks are full of fun and delectable moments of workplay, so come join in, you’ll love it ❤
And experienced Lumbers and beautification faeries: Ah, remember the fun and joy of all years past!! Let’s reunite once more.

Here is an updated and condensed overview of the main areas we will be focusing on. Feel free to let us know if a particular task attracts you, and to suggest anything else you might feel drawn to:
– Dry wall ceiling hanging in the Hospitality Suite! This is a reasonably big endeavor, and we will see if we find time for it. (Plasterboard, brackets and dry wall screws are ready in the house.) The Hospitality Suite also needs new baseboards. Suitable left over wood at disposition.
– Book shelves improvements and reorganisation of our growing Library
– Building some practical new pieces of furnishing for our Breakfast Bar in the front right barn
– Nico and Arian will be bringing over a range of timber and sheet materials, as well as some lovely additions to sleeping and lounging spaces we can all get creative with.
– One task which has been neglected a little in the past is making fire wood for the future. Some of the spruce plantation – spruce, and no other trees! – could be removed, especially from the top part. Lumbers it shall be indeed!
– And if you feel enthused for tending the land itself, this is your chance to shine! All the bird boxes need cleaning, there is a perennial job of raking the meadows, and various other tasks.
– Finally, we will designate an experienced person to close the house, on or shortly after the 31st, by which point everyone must have left for Folleterre to enter its winter sleep.

Besides all sweat and efforts, we’ll be sharing luscious cookery, fires, heart circles, saunas, hot outdoor baths, daily embodied practice, dressing up and frolics of all sorts, as we do so fine so well in our beautiful sanctuary. ❤

We are much looking forward to inspired and connected autumn days together.

Love, love, and see you on the land you beautiful bunch!

Wood Pigeon and Regal Ragged