2024 Summer Solstice Gathering

June 16 - June 24


With Luna, Hyacinth & Bulgaria

Hello faeries! I’m The Sun! Come to Folleterre for the Summer Solstice Gathering; it will be radiant! Like me!

Come and adore me! Come on! I’m the best Sun you have! What are you going to do, adore another sun? I bet you can’t even feel the heat from any other star in the galaxy.

Solstice is all about Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………… as it should be! I’m the reason there is life on your tiny planet! I’m the reason there are days and years! I’m the reason you have food to eat and light to see by and flowers to smell and oxygen to breathe and water to swim in!

Do you like little dogs that do human things on TikTok? Try scrolling that app without Me, you wouldn’t get very far because you would be frozen! Do you like cats that make silly faces in memes? No Me, no cats, and no memes! Cake decorating reality TV shows? Without Me, there’d be no plants, no ingredients, and no cake!

Come stand vigil for Me on the Shortest Night of the year and then celebrate My longest journey across the sky with No Talent Show, laughter, intimacy, and sister-brother-nonbinary-sibling-hood! My light is more magical on Solstice and also there is more of it! And there’s already not much sunlight at Folleterre so this is the best time to see it!

Come and offer me a treasure! And bare witness to the Solstice Treasures offered by past Summer Solstice Gatherings!

Everyone is being called to adore me! All faeries! Of all shapes and sizes and genders and ages and lewks! If you’re not there… I may smite someone!

Hahaha, just kidding, I’m a benevolent sun, I only smite people who don’t wear sunscreen