2024 Spring Community Week

Registrations closed, please contact the facilitators directly if you want to join

April 13 - April 21


With Ave, Greenheart, Andromeda & Abricot

Yoohoooooo faeries,

It’s a new season starting in folleterre and we can‘t wait to find out what happened to the land in the last hibernating 6 months! Have the frogs been taking over? Is the doormouse now in full command of the house? Did the ancestors have nice tea parties while we were gone?


After a long rest, it‘s Spring Community Week! It is time again to open the house, dust the cabinets, flog the mattresses and take care of the land to make it ready upcoming season of beautiful gatherings! And also dance and sing and fill the house with laughter, love and joy!


Bring your ideas, your songs, your drag and all of you to celebrate coming back to Folleterre in 2024. Community weeks have always been under the sign of knowledge sharing and collective empowerment. No need to be a butch queen, anyone is welcome, whatever skills you might have or not! In the program this year, a new washing machine, a new sink, some work in the garden and much more!


Will you come celebrate the spring with us?



Ave, Greenheart, Andromeda & Abricot


Registration are open!

  • Arrival day from Saturday 13th. Come for the full week, just a few days as you please!
  • Departure on Sunday 21st
  • Feel free to contact us if you have a project or idea you would like to make happen.