2023 Welcome Home Gathering

September 9 - September 18

With Luna & Stella



Welcome Home is when…

…the land is calling you.

…you miss your faemily.

…we take care of each other.

…you have a seat at the table.

…the door is always open.

…there is nowhere else in the world you wanna be.

Old faeries, new faeries, ritual faeries, practical faeries, drag-room faeries, garden faeries, faeries from the city, forest and sea, faeries from the north and the south, from the east and the west, we call you ALL to come for 9 days in September and create sanctuary!

Sanctuary is a spell, a place, a state of body and spirit, a promise, a utopia, a reality, a constant unfolding. What is sanctuary for you and how can we weave that thread into the tape(tte)stry?

Let’s hold hands under the walnut tree, sing songs for the waters to return, grief for the ones we lost and rejoice for the ones who are yet to come. Let’s create sanctuary with our burning hearts and our bare feet!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!