2022 The Great Circle


August 6 - August 9


With Hazel & Notre Dame


CALL FOR THE 2022 GREAT CIRCLE : Coming back to the Land!

August 6 > 9

Summertime… 🎵 and not all faeries are Sleazy 🎵

Around the early days of August, between the Summer Solstice and the Equinox, it is time to reap. Time to celebrate! Lammas/Lughnasadh, the Harvest festivities are calling!

Calling us back to the Land…

What have we sowed? What can we now pick and taste? What needs some extra Tender Love & Care to ripen and become fully deliciousssss?

Midsummer is the time when the stewards of Folleterre and the Spirits of the Land Call on you to Gather for the annual Great Circle of Radical Faeries! A time to come together, to listen to each other’s hearts, to sit in circles, to talk our dreams, our visions, our worries, our will. It is time to learn about and celebrate the stewardship of our beloved sanctuary and time to share, plan and prepare for another cycle of the wheel of the year.

Coming back to the Land, again…

This summer we celebrate more than four decades of Radical Faeridom. We remember that the first call for a Spiritual Conference for the Radical Faeries was sent out in 1979, and the Faeries who answered the call, discovering who they were, planted the seed for radical traditions, re-opened new and old paths, and sang and sat and became the tribe, still evolving today.

This summer we also celebrate more than five decades of rebellion after the emblematic Stonewall Riots of St-Christopher Street in 1969, fighting police harassment and opposing all forms of violence against the Queer folk. We remember that the Trans Women, the Drag Queens, the Hustlers and the kids of the streets were the first to start it, and that our Freedom and Faeridom owe them so much!

Coming back to the Land, again and again…

This summer we call you back to the Land for four days of celebrations, of remembrance and of politics! After pandemic years of fear, regulation and virtual contact, let’s be Real- and touch and smell each other as well as see and hear?

Through our bodies, minds, spirits… through our Sanctuary and flowing out into the World and back again… what wants to manifest from within our Great Circle?

We call you to celebrate our Roots and Ancestors! Our Radical Spirit! Our tremendous Beauty!

The Great Circle contains the legal Annual General Assembly of the Sanctuary.  Before which there will be time to discuss topics and review proposals.  It is a unique time for sharing and learning from each other, a moment where ideas and dreams manifest, where visions are shared and deeds are accounted for.  We call you to make Community together!


Travel Plans: Faeries not already on the land for the Summer Community Week are invited to arrive August 6th, the Great Circle will take place on August 7th, followed by EuroFaeries day August 8th, and a final day dedicated to singing ‘Dear Friend, Queer Friend’ in farewell on August 9th, as we flow directly into the Total Harvest of the Heart Gathering, into the many joys of summer, into the World beyond… and take loads upon loads of laundry into Lure and back again!