2020 Summer Solstice Gathering


June 17 - June 22


With Bleu

PLEASE NOTE:  This gathering has been cancelled. 
The Sanctuary is closed until further notice.  Do not travel to the land. 
If you have questions, please contact the gathering organizer. 
VEUILLEZ NOTER: Ce rassemblement a été annulé.
Le sanctuaire est fermé jusqu’à nouvel ordre. Ne voyagez pas dans le pays.
Si vous avez des questions, veuillez contacter l’organisateur du rassemblement.


Summer Solstice Gathering 2020

17-22 June

By the power of the light, by the power of night, by the power of light trough the night …


Dear faeries, let’s join all together to celebrate the end of the shadow season and the return of the light in our lifes.


It ‘s time to get out of our hibernated beds (That I hope you shared with your lover(s)) to go back to the outside world.


For this gathering I would like to invite you to take time to re-tame the outside world and to prepare and co-create a huge and beautiful ritual that will occure on 20th june all over the night.


At the same time, and as we have to care of us especially in this time of transition, you will enjoy silent mornings and « alcool-drugs-amplified music-free-gathering ». Let’s move sweetly to the light untill The Night… and untill the light.


With love and and a certain taste for eccentricity




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