2020 Pan Gathering

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June 27 - July 6


With Shokti



27 June – 6 July, Folleterre

In the sacred dance with the spirit of Pan

let’s invoke the revelation of Love in the body,

unite the erotic lust of the divine masculine

with the eternal longing for soulful connection

in a cauldron of awakening and transformation,

in reverence and service to the Divine Mother

under the Cancerian Sun and Capricorn Full Moon

at Folleterre, our sacred sanctuary for 15 years,

we unlock the secrets and power of our Faerie nation.

Holding hands and holding hearts

Wands erect and souls on fire:

Pan’s tribe resurrected – Uniting Worlds

Arcadia reclaimed.

– 5 days in ceremony for 50 faeries of any gender

  • deepening elemental connections
  • journeying with nature’s spirits
  • uniting the spirit and the flesh
  • exploring Pan’s call to liberate the love and joy in our souls


ENQUIRIES TO pan@folleterre.org