2020 Autumn Harvest


September 18 - September 26


With Notre Dame

This gathering has been cancelled.
The Sanctuary is closed until further notice.
Do not travel to the land. 

If you have questions, please contact the gathering organizer. 

Ce rassemblement a été annulé.
Le sanctuaire est fermé jusqu’à nouvel ordre.
Ne voyagez pas dans le pays.
Si vous avez des questions, veuillez contacter l’organisateur du rassemblement.

Autumn Harvest Time

Now to reap what has been sown

Find your Heart of Gold


Autumn Harvest Gathering at Folleterre 18-26 September 2020

Friday 18 will be arrivals day, and departures for the not staying on for the following Tantrastic Gathering- or helping clean the house! will be Sunday, 27th. Saturday 26 evening we close our community.. and feast together, including delicious items harvested and recreated in The Great Folleterre Bake-Off!

Faeries registering should note that during ‘Harvest we will follow the year’s theme of respect for nature, our environment and each other with gentle and mellow guidelines. We will manage without electronic music and share our voices in song and exploration of Folleterre’s collection of musical instruments. There will be campfires every night- and so probably drumming, but with a reasonable time curfew to respect our need for sleep and relishing of the hours of natural light at the summer’s end. While there will be heart circles offered they will be of the traditional, not hot seat kind (go to Tantrastic for that by happy contrast!). Evening enjoyment of the fire, of massage and sensuality, card games in the (cleaned!) kitchen, tarot readings and offered other workshops will be facilitated by no evening dish dance (dishes will be done during breakfast and before morning practical circle.. and kitchen pans at least after lunch.)

The breakfast bar will be the 3rd heated space inside the house with the help of gas heating. No limitation on numbers registering is anticipated- but prudently this will need to be reviewed to ensure the comfort and safety of all. Participants are requested.. to participate. This week is about doing things together, sharing our time, being in community, happily.. gracefully.

We will be magically transforming the produce of our vegetable garden, orchards and berry bushes. Jam and preserve-making, apple juice pressing, cake, pasty and bread-making will be our daily pleasure/craft. There are skills to share here! Food will be nourishing, plentiful and very healthy. Some workshops will focus on an interior harvest- of bringing to fruition our projects and processes of the summer we will have enjoyed.

One or two faeries participating are encouraged to step forward and offer to be part of a small team to hold space for the community and help host these golden days together. Love, ND x