2020 Technical Pause. Sanctuary Love&Recovery Month.

August 4 - August 28


With The Stewards Circle

As most faeries already know, the effects of climate change are already becoming quite serious on our land in a variety of ways, from the disruption of annual natural cycles of our local ecology to the serious summer droughts of the past summers.

Water is life, and in the last summers, the gathering of faeries without water has put serious strain on the life of our community in a variety of ways.

Given these extraordinary times, and August being the most dry month of all, the Steward Circle of Folleterre has determined that there will be NO GATHERINGS on the land IN AUGUST 2020.

The house and the land will be closed to all faeries, except residents and faeries who are committed to working on the water projects that are planned for that month.

To make contact with faeries organizing work on the land, please email butchqueen@folleterre.org
To make contact with the residency steward, please email residency@folleterre.org

To make contact with other faeries in Europe in August 2020, a variety of venues are available.  There are local circles of faeries in many European cities who organize regular or irregular heart circles, coffees, and gatherings.

For example, the Radical Viking Faeries will be organizing a gathering in Denmark in August, as will the faeries organizing the Altos das Fadas project.

Check out https://eurofaeries.eu/local-eurofaerie-circles/ for links to those circles & activities.

We thank you for your understanding and hope to welcome you back in September with an abundance of safe water available for all faeries visiting the land.