2019 Art in Abundance Gathering

Registration is Closed

August 14 - August 21


With Embrace & Pirouette

Registrations for this gathering are now Closed.  Please contact the organizers if you have any questions.

!! 7 days of creative exploration & creation in Faerie space !!

“You reap what you sow! You create that which you focus on!”

When the full moon is at its highest peak, it’s time to reap the fruits. Let the words of the wise harvest goddess Demeter guide us in gathering the fruits of our imagination and transform it into an abundance of art.
Let the land of Folleterre be the bedding for a weeklong co-creation.
Of making, trying, experimenting, building, constructing, deconstructing, forming, shaping, presenting, revealing, and letting go.
An orgy of art in relationship with the land. Diving deep into our personal fascinations, together we will create an open-minded space of play and magic to experience the full potential of unending creativity.

This week is for all kinds of artists and art enthusiasts who want to stimulate their creative selves and deepen their art practice in faerie environment.
As an artist in residence, you are welcome to dive deep into your personal process. Dance, paint, draw, and sculpt. Beautify the house with your magic. Make poetry and turn songs into plays. Co-create artistic meals. Create sculptural disruptions in the forest, or impromptu performance rituals. Or include all of these art forms into your daily activities and turn the routine into a piece of art. Together we can inspire each other. Offer workshops and make others part of your artistic research. Join forces, collaborate, learn. Let’s show your work and present it to each other.
All creative expression, from the mundane to the holy, from the practical to the playful, will be celebrated. All will be artists. And all will be co-creators.

Yes… Creativity and co-creation is always welcome in a faerie gathering. Nothing new to that, you might think. But what happens when we really bring the focus and the dedication to the artistic?

• Maximum 44 faeries on the land.
• Bring an abundance of materials/objects/instruments to work with.
• If you want to join, come with an intention or a fascination what you want to explore!! So you have a focus from which you can create in abundance.
• To create a space of dedication, trust and openness, we ask faeries to be part of the full gathering!
•There will be a co-created full moon opening ritual on 15 August.