2022 Extraordinary Great Circle

May 7 - May 9


With Kiwi and Sparkling Water


The online Great Circle of November 2021 proposed a follow up Extraordinary Great Circle ASAP, with the hope to clarify the way in which stewards are elected.

The EGC is near…

Let’s meet on the Land this Spring to discuss and improve some precise aspects of our governance process so that we are as well-prepared as possible for the next Great Circle in August 2022.

The Steward Circle will propose a series of amendments to the FETCH-book (our internal rules) and statutes.  The following proposal forms the working basis for our EGC consensus-making process:


  • Download a copy of the proposal from the link above and make sure to read it carefully before arriving on the Land.
  • Follow the links on this page to REGISTER for the EGC-gatherette.
  • Make sure to (re)activate your membership to participate fully in our consensus-making process.
  • As much as possible, familiarize yourselves with the existing FETCH-book (Folleterre Empowerment Through Cooperation Handbook) – which was written by faeries of lore to help us do what we do with love and wisdom beyond infinity 😉

In sum, let’s make a kiki* for sociocracy nerds and governance geeks to help ensure we’re all on the same page when it comes to electing stewards at the next Great Circle… Alongside some Heart Circles in the Friendship Room, sharing some fantastic faerie meals together, and being warmly held by the Land.


The invitation is to softly arrive anytime on Saturday 7-May to prepare and connect from the heart, before holding space for the EGC proper around high noon on Sunday 8-May.  Faeries may choose to depart later that same evening, or better yet, anytime the next day, Monday 9-May.

All faeries are welcome and encouraged to attend this eXXXtra juicy gatherette.

*a ‘kiki’ is a gathering of queer friends for the purpose of gossiping and chit-chat