2019 LumberJanes Work Week

October 17 - October 27


With Prince Frivolous & HowMany?

Due to cancellations, there is still space available for faeries at Lumbers.  Please simply register using the form on this page, or contact lumbers@folleterre.org

Radical faeries have been gathering for 40 years (that we know of)! And gosh, we’ve had a great 40th birthday, haven’t we kweens? Come to the Lumbers gathering to close the house and work the land as a gesture of thanks for all they have given us this year, and to prepare them for a cozy, wintery slumber. Come get in touch with the material and earthy pleasures of work, as we slip on our boots or stilettos to help the land unfold its beauty. Destruction is the new creation, babes! Help us kill some brambles, cut some trees, and move piles of dead wood onto other piles of dead wood, keeping faeries warm and dry for years to come and encouraging biodiversity on our terrain. Pollinators will thank you, wildflowers will sing your praises, and sexy calluses will bless your lovely hands.

The early sunset will leave plenty of time in the evening for heart circles, cuddles, and any lovely proposals you care to bring. Tired muscles will melt under massages or get boiled in everyone’s favorite outdoor bathtub. The smells of sweat and sawdust will give way to those of hearty meals and essence of wintergreen. MMMM! Personally I can’t wait.

The last two days of the gathering will also host a circle of Folleterre stewards, who like you will prepare the ground for years of faerie magic to come. The facilitators have decided to limit registration for this gathering to 25 people.