Seeking Sanctuary Gathering

July 1 - July 8

With Notre Dame and Miquey Miqxture

This call comes to you dear radical faeries, to help us build on this gift together.

Where and How do we find the ways to create Sanctuary together more effectively?
Obviously, in our precious Folleterre, if we are in Europe.
Or we make the best of several temporary spaces.
In the North American continent, there is more choice of dedicated sanctuary space.
Here in Europe, we find the land and facilities of our main home now coming under some strain in peak season.
Plus, the location and terrain do not suit all of us at all times.

Some of us have taken the lead in seeking a southern sanctuary in Iberia, or talk of Italia.
Many have found delight in Adamama and the faeries there are in need of support as they grow.
In Albion, there are plans to find land.
Others look to the North or the East for developments.
Or maybe in the lands at the heart of our continent?
Are we only to find Sanctuary in remote nature – or is there scope for more urban sanctuaries via faerie-houses in towns?

There are many practicalities – do you feel the call to help with any of these?
There are ethical questions – are we colonizers or trusted neighbours offering support?
What do we aim to build when we come together – a party space, a home, a retreat space, a dream?
How do we honour the land and respect the area when we are there?
How do we heal the human wounds that lead us more urgently to seek our special faerie Sanctuaries?

These, and many other vital questions, we need to share together.
How will all the Radical Faeries of Europe and neighbouring lands work to build our future?
Hear this call and help to give good answers for all of our well-being and better lives.
What we are – and how we are now – set the seeds of what we will be.
For our sake, and for your sake, help to nurture these radical faerie-seeds and join us in the first week of July.