2022 Bonobo Experience Gathering

July 2 - July 10


With Harmony, Cherish, Sameesi, Pheonix & Still Water


We are calling faeries who are willing to let go of their human shell and explore the challenges, beauties and mysteries of living in a bonobo community for 4 days. We are invoking the ANIMAL that lives within to teach and heal us through TOUCH, PLAY and SEX. If you feel the call, come and join us for a NON-VERBAL community experience of complete bonobo immersion. Expect to experience the joys and challenges of belonging to a tribe who BOND and RESOLVE  CONFLICT through touch and sensuality. Go deeper into truly understanding CONSENT and BOUNDARIES by negotiating them directly from your desires to other bonobos with the heightened sensitivity and authenticity that non-verbal communication can bring. Our team of SEASONED FACILITATORS will guide you through the jungle as well as though the intricacies of your new family network and the dangers of other animals on the prowl.

Please plan to arrive on the land no later than the 2nd of July. The 3rd will be a day of settling in and introductions to the sanctuary and the retreat. On the 4th we will jump straight into creating our Bonobo community which will last for 4 days, allowing for two further days of relaxing, processing and decompressing before departing back to the human world on the 10th.

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