2020 Interior Activisms Gathering

July 19 - July 25


With Baby V

PLEASE NOTE:  This gathering has been cancelled. 
The Sanctuary is closed until further notice.  Do not travel to the land. 
If you have questions, please contact the gathering organizer. 
VEUILLEZ NOTER: Ce rassemblement a été annulé.
Le sanctuaire est fermé jusqu’à nouvel ordre. Ne voyagez pas dans le pays.
Si vous avez des questions, veuillez contacter l’organisateur du rassemblement.

*****PLEASE NOTE*****  Saturday 18 of July 2020  the Tour de France will pass through our valley and NO transportation to or from the land will be possible that day.  Please make all travel plans accordingly and arrive on Sunday 19 July.

Samedi 18 juillet 2020, le Tour de France traversera notre vallée. Absolument aucun transport vers ou depuis la terre ne sera possible ce jour-là. Veuillez planifier tous vos déplacements en conséquence et arriver le dimanche 19 juillet.

Interior Activisms

a call to gather

Faerie sanctuary is a project of radical togetherness. As our sanctuary evolves, we learn constantly – ways to organise work and rest, ways to care for each other and the land, ways to welcome a new faery into our space and hearts. We count within our beloved circle faeries of all shapes, colors, genders, sizes, abilities, cognitions, experiences, purses, and beliefs. And yet, as a majority white cis-faggot space nestled in the middle of Western Europe, we have a particular history, and a lot of loving work to do to live up to the task of providing fierce sanctuary for all the beautiful weirdos who, in the past, present, or future, call our land home.

Interior Activisms is an invitation to create a space together in which we can look inward, to discover our talents and challenges as individuals, as a sanctuary, and as a wider faemily in understanding the racism, transphobia, and other systemic assymmetries that we encounter, both in the outside world and in our home. We will gather together to learn, understanding that no one faerie holds the Truth, but that we each have tools that we can share. We will gather in heart space to engage in the radically political (some may say polytickle) act of listening. Other forms of sharing will be proposed to center our reflections on the lived experience of our fellow faeries, bringing the sometimes heady and abstract space of political discourse down into the heart-centred place of subject to subject relating. Learning moments will be negotiated in a spirit of consent, and with an understanding that teaching is a gift, not to be expected or extracted but to be received with gratitude. We will not solve all of our problems, but we will open many doors, doors that will hopefully help us to better coexist, heal, and thrive together.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, well kween, it is! Rest assured that there will be rest! And dancing, good food, sleeping under the stars (and/or rain). We will extend the work of listening to listening to our own bodies and needs, the needs for lightness, nourishment, connection. We will fulfill each other.

As this is a short gathering, participants are asked to be there for the beginning, arriving no later than the evening of the 19th to be able to start together on the morning of the 20th. Due to water concerns on the land, participation will be limited to 50 funky faeries. The sanctuary, of course, remains open to all in need.

<3 Baby V <3