COVID-19 Information

Last Updated March 2021

Dear Faeries,

Throughout the past season of cancelled gatherings, dashed dreams, and fallow times, the Steward Circle of Folleterre has continually consulted with the wider faerie community and gathering organizers with the hope of gathering back on the land in a meaningful way as soon as possible.

Although the global emergency is far from over, despite many unknowns, and with respect for our neighbors and the faerie community in Europe, we are prepared to announce a provisional schedule of gatherings to take place in person on the land in 2021.

All gatherings on the land will be in compliance with French law and regulations with regard to the gathering of groups. This means our gatherings will be extremely small compared to past seasons and that any gathering may be cancelled at any time without warning in response to changes in French regulations.

We understand that this provisional approach is imperfect, yet must plan accordingly and collectively do our best to ensure that every faerie who feels the call will have the opportunity to come home to Folleterre at least once in 2021.

View the Provisional Gathering Calendar and Registration Information

Even as we dare to hope for the best, we must also stay prepared for the worst…

We continue to encourage faeries to organize local and regional faerie initiatives as the situation allows in some areas, and to actively conceive of pandemic-responsive gathering formats. The Steward Circle of the EuroFaerie Fund is available to support you all with experienced-based advice, technical support, and community funding. If you(s) are interested in facilitating local or regional faerie initiatives, please contact the EuroFaerie Fund:

For faeries seeking sanctuary or in need of other vital assistance, the wider Folleterre community may be able to mobilize and help actively support you(s). Please reach out to let us know how you all are doing:

Furthermore, if you(s) are interested to facilitate a virtual faerie circle or organize an online gathering, the Folleterre Zoom account, with capacity for time-unlimited meetings with lots of faeries, is available to you all as a community resource. If you(s) feel the call to create a online offering, please get in touch:

Meanwhile, we hope you all continue to find comfort and connection through local faerie circles as well as online faerie events, including Heart Circles, No Talent Shows, Love Temples, and more. Check your FaeNet and visit the Folleterre Faeries Group and Online Radical Faeries Gathering Facebook pages for ongoing updates.

Let’s continue to discover radical solutions and create magical faerie dreams together!

With sprinkles of possibility,
The Folleterre Steward Circle