COVID-19 Information

Last updated 28 March 2020.

Dear Faeries

Looking at the current status of measures around Covid-19, and having consulted the gathering organizers, we see no other option than to keep our beloved Folleterre Sanctuary closed for the coming months.  So faeries are asked not to come to Folleterre until further notice. 

This means that the Spring Butchqueens Work Week, the Great Circle, Beltane Gathering, Fabric of Dream, Sex Magick and Solstice are now canceled.  Gathering organizers will contact all who have registered.

We can at this point not give you any information on whether any of these gatherings will be held at a later moment.  We also don’t know yet if the gatherings after June 26th will be able to take place.  We will keep you posted.

As for the Great Circle: we will organize an Extraordinary Online Great Circle on the same date as the originally planned one (Sunday afternoon CET, April 28th).  This will only have a minimalistic agenda, leaving ample time for you all to share your thoughts & feelings.

Meanwhile, we hope you find relief in the global online heart circles offered daily at 20:00 CET (cf. this Facebook event or this Zoom link (no Zoom account needed, but you may need to install the app from an app store or from  There are also online No Talent Shows every Saturday night at 22:00 CET.

Take care of yourselves and those around you.

With hope and love,

The Folleterre Steward Circle