COVID-19 Information

Update 16 June 2020.

Do you want to visit Folleterre in 2020 or 2021?

Until widespread vaccination relieves the world of the current pandemic, the practices and behaviors associated with radical faerie gatherings at our sanctuary present special risks to ourselves and others.

The Stewards of Folleterre will host a community forum asking the question:
What is a safe gathering in 2020?

If you would like your voice to be heard on this topic, or would like to learn about the current status of sanctuary closure, you are welcome to attend this forum on Tuesday 23 June, 19:00 CET.

Zoom Folleterre is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Open Faerie Forum: What is a safe gathering?
Time: Jun 23, 2020 07:00 PM Brussels
Meeting ID: 921 2422 4331
Contact us for the Password.


Last updated 17 May 2020.

Dear Faeries

Looking at the current status of measures around Covid-19, and having consulted the gathering organizers, we see no other option than to keep our beloved Folleterre Sanctuary closed to all visitors throughout the entire summer season.

This means that the Fabric of Dream, Sex Magick, Solstice, Pan, Lover Earth, Interior Activisms, Radical Rest, Nature Retreat, Autumn Harvest, Tantrastic, EuroFaeries, and LumberJanes Gatherings are now officially canceled. Gathering organizers will contact all who have registered.

The Stewards Circle will continually evaluate the changing circumstances in France and the rest of Europe throughout the summer in consultation with gathering organizers and the wider community. When it becomes possible to schedule gatherings that protect the well-being of individual faeries and the community, with respect for our local neighbors and regional travel restrictions, entirely new gatherings may be Called in 2020 and announced to faeries online.

In the spirit of radical transparency and engagement, we will hold space for an open faerie circle next Sunday, May 24, 17:00 CET. Join us to explain the consensus reached by the stewards and share a moment for feedback, as we inhale exhale and take our next steps together.

Zoom Meeting ID: 919 6827 2443
Password: See your newsletter email address or contact us in advance.

If you are a faerie who is in need of sanctuary while Folleterre is closed, or are in need of other assistance, the wider Folleterre community may be able to actively support you. Please reach out to let us know how you are doing:

We understand that these extraordinary cancellations leave many hearts broken and spirits yearning for connection. At this time more than ever before, we encourage faeries to consider facilitating local and regional faerie initiatives as the situation allows in some areas, and to actively conceive of new COVID-responsive gathering formats. The Stewards Circle of Folleterre and the EuroFaerie Fund are both available to support you with experience-based advice, technical support, and community funding. If you are interested in facilitating local or regional faerie initiatives, please step forward:

Furthermore, to help ease the touchlessness of our times, if you are interested to facilitate a virtual faerie circle or organize an online gathering, the Folleterre Zoom account (with capacity for unlimited meetings with up to 100 faeries) is available to you as a community resource.  If you feel the call to create an offering, please get in touch:

As for the state of the Sanctuary, a careful and quiet watch will be kept on our home by a small team of dedicated Caretakers. We hope to share photos and updates from the land as the natural environment of our meadows and forests rebound in the absence of human impact. If you are interested to become a resident-caretaker, please inquire:

Meanwhile, we hope you find comfort and connection through global online faerie events, including Heart Circles, No Talent Shows and Love Temples. Check your FaeNet and visit the Folleterre Faeries Group and Online Radical Faeries Gathering Facebook pages for updates.

Take care of yourselves and nourish those around you.

With hope and love,

The Folleterre Steward Circle