Gathering Registration Confirmation


Kiss Kiss, Darlings!

Thank you all for registering for a gathering at Folleterre. It is extremely stylish to register for gatherings early, and you are all so beautiful.

Please confirm with the gathering organizers before booking your travels to the Land.

If you have any questions or if you don’t hear from them, please feel free to contact them directly. They will love to hear from you!

We can’t wait to see your fabulous self on the land soon!

Lots of information about visiting folleterre can be found on our Visiting Folletere. Many of your questions can be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page

Travel information

35 Route du Souvenir Français
70270 Ternuay-Melay-et-Saint-Hilaire

The nearest train station is in Lure, and the nearest airports are Paris and Basel from which you can get a train to Lure.

Faeries on the land will try to arrange a pick-up for you in Lure if you let us know your arrival time in advance. Please remember to give some euros of petrol money to your driver. The current suggestion is for 15 euros, if you are able.

Local: 0384638940
International: +33 384638940
Feel free to call the number above if you all have urgent questions or travel updates. Sometimes faeries may not be near the phone to answer, so try calling again and leave a message.


The very best way to donate to Folleterre is by Electronic Bank Transfer. Please save lots of work from the gathering organizers by making an Electronic Bank Transfer before you travel to the gathering instead of using cash.

When making payment by bank transfer please use [your name] and this reference: [gathering name].

Faeries who live in the Euro-zone: please transfer to our Credit Mutuel Account. “Les Amis de Folleterre”
IBAN: FR76 1027 8078 6100 0200 7620 160

More information on contributions can be found on our contributions page.

How much to give?

The costs of maintaining Folleterre and hosting gatherings are shared by all faeries. Gatherings funds do everything from paying for the mortgage on the land of Folleterre to putting delicious food on our beautiful tables. We can’t tell you exactly what to give when you all visit Folleterre, but we ask that you all give something and generously if you all can.

Based on experience, we know that the cost of hosting faeries on the land during a gathering is about 20 Euros per body per day, but No One is ever Turned Away For Lack Of Funds. Therefore, for those who ask, we suggest that during gatherings faeries donate 20-40 euros per day of their stay, depending on their ability to pay.