Pan Gathering

July 3 - July 10

With Shokti, Fauny, and Whimsley

Arcadia at Folleterre…Celebrating the Lord of the Beasts, the God of the Land, the Horned One: PAN

Meeting Him in the Forest, in the Water, in Ourselves and Each Other

Exploring the power of sexuality, nature’s most giving gift, to open us to his Mysteries Rituals. Workshops. Drums. Fires. Feasts. Storytelling. Journeying.

Faeries of all genders welcome.

Co-created journey with Pan and the nature spirits

Hosted by Shokti , Fauny and Whimsley, with Pikachu as Kitchen Goddess, all participants are encouraged to offer activities/cook meals/help with tasks.

Camp on the land or sleep in the barn, please come for the whole gathering if possible

At the Capricorn Full Moon 3-10 July 2017