Summer Gathering

July 31 - August 9

With Yareth and ???

The annual Summer Gathering is the largest and most important gathering of the year at Folleterre.

Feel like frolicking in the sun? Summer’s inviting you to go outside and explore nature? Come to Folleterre during the Summer Gathering and join your fellow Faeries in a celebration of life, the universe and everything. Activities might include, but are not limited to:

-Showing your non-talent during the No-Talent Show!

-Giving and following workshops in any shape or size.

-Attending Heart Circles.

-Singing and working on the land!

-Camping on the land or simply sleeping under the stars.

Let’s come together to celebrate each other, to connect and rekindle fires from the embers hidden under the ashes. Let’s exchange knowledge, make art and give our hearts space to love and be loved. Let’s sun and swim in the lake! Let us build community, let us celebrate the light. Let us rejoice, because Summer is good to us all!