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This page always has the most up-to-date information about upcoming gatherings at Folleterre. If you have questions, we would love to hear from you by email gather@folleterre.org

Gatherings are the most lively and congenial times at Folleterre. Read more about visiting Folleterre on our FAQ page.

If it is your first visit to Folleterre, you should come during a gathering. You should not make your first visit Folleterre at any other times.

If you are considering visiting the land during any non-gathering time, or at times between gatherings, you must contact us before planning any travel.

If you are planning any visit to the land, you should register for a Gathering below on this page, contact us, or email visitor@folleterre.org.

The 2016 Gathering Season is now complete. You can always find the most up-to-date information about 2017 gatherings on this page, or by contacting gather@folleterre.org.

The full 2017 gathering schedule, as every year, will be published in its final form in the Winter Newsletter (and on this page) around 1 January.

2017 Events at Folleterre

Spring Community Week

Beltane Gathering – 29 April to 9 May

Gathering – May to May

Pan Gathering – 3 July to 10 July

Faerie Sex Magick – 15 July to 22 July

Summer Community Week – 23 July to 28 July

Great Circle – 29 July to 30 July

Summer Gathering – 31 July to 9 August

Global Afterglow Gathering – 20 August to 27 August

Tantrastic Gathering – 16 September to 23 September

Lumber Janes Community Week – October to November

Other Faerie events in Europe

Albion Glastonbury Imbolc Gathering — Glastonbury, UK — 28 January to 3 February 2017

Faerie Rebirth Gathering Netherlands — Drouwen, Netherlands — 10 April to 17 April 2017

Summer Global Gathering — Northumbria, UK — 8 August to 17 August 2017

Austrian Faeries Transylvanian Gathering — Vale-Saliste-Sibiu, Romania — 19 August to 26 August 2017

Albion Faeries Featherstone Gathering — Northumbria, UK — 17 October to 26 October 2017

Spring Community Week
April to April
(Duration: days)

Beltane Gathering
29 April to 9 May
(Duration: days)
2017 beltane
Contact: beltane@folleterre.org
Immediately following Spring Community Week….

To register please use the registration form on this page.
Inscrivez-vous ici.

Pan Gathering
3 July to 10 July
(Duration: 8 days)
2017 Pan
Arcadia at Folleterre…Celebrating the Lord of the Beasts, the God of the Land, the Horned One: PAN
Meeting Him in the Forest, in the Water, in Ourselves and Each Other
Exploring the power of sexuality, nature’s most giving gift, to open us to his Mysteries
Rituals. Workshops. Drums. Fires. Feasts. Storytelling. Journeying.
Faeries of all genders welcome.
Co-created journey with Pan and the nature spirits
Hosted by Shokti , Fauny and Whimsley, with Pikachu as Kitchen Goddess, all participants are encouraged to offer activities/cook meals/help with tasks
Camp on the land or sleep in the barn, please come for the whole gathering if possible
At the Capricorn Full Moon 3-10 July 2017

ENQUIRIES: pan@folleterre.org

To register please use the registration form on this page.
Inscrivez-vous ici.

Faerie Sex Magick
July to July
(Duration: 8 days)
fsm 2017
This will be a Faerie Sex Magic 269 gathering.
For more information, if you have questions, or to register, please contact the FSM organizers at www.faeriesexmagick.org.
Faerie events at Folleterre are always NOTAFLOF.

Summer Community Week
July to July
(Duration: 7 days)
For more information, please contact summer.community@folleterre.org

Great Circle
July to July
(Duration: 2 days)

Summer Gathering
August to August
(Duration: 10 days)

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you by contacting summer.gathering@folleterre.org

Tantrastic Gathering
16 September to 23 September
(Duration: 8 days)
Appel…….Tantrastic Faerie Gathering

Nous visons le rassemblement dans la semaine du 16 au 23 septembre 2017

Dernier rassemblement à Folleterre était Faboulastique… Tantrastique et nous voulons vraiment aller plus loin sur cet chemin:

❤Découvrez et dépassez vos frontières
❤Encourager la spritualité, la communauté, la nature, les éléments
❤Être à l’aise avec l’erotisme, la nudité, l’intimité
❤Expérience de rencontres proches du genre Faerie
❤Aportez votre enfant intérieur, espiègle, joyeux et le rire
❤Générer et stimuler votre énergie sexuelle
❤Vivez votre imagination et votre créativité
❤Ensemble, nous créons un espace sacré

Tout cela et bien sûr Heartcircels, Yoga, Body Work, Méditation, Massage, Rituels, Musique, Bonfire, Sweat Lodge, La nourriture délicieuse et ce que votre créativité apporte
Co-hosting serait apprécié

S’il vous plaît venez à nous avec vos engagements, des commentaires et des idées pour un autre grand Tantrastic Faerie Experience:

Inscrivez-vous ici.

Tantrastic Faerie Gathering call….

We aim for the Gathering in the week of 16-23 September 2017.

Last Gathering in Folleterre was Faboulastic…Tantrastic and we really want to go further on that path:

❤Discover and go beyond your boundaries
❤Enjoy spirituality, community, nature, elements
❤Be comfortable with eroticism, nudity, intimacy
❤Experience close encounters of the Faerie kind
❤Bring your inner child, playful, joyful and laughter
❤Generate and boost your sexual life energy
❤Live your fantasy and creativity
❤Together we create safe space

All that and, of course Heart Circles, Yoga, Body Work, Meditation, Massage, Rituals, Music, Bonfire, Sweat Lodge, Delicious Food and what Your Creativity brings
Co-hosting would be appreciated

Please come to us with your commitments, comments and ideas for another great Tantrastic Faerie Experience.
Contact: tantrastic@folleterre.org

To register please use the registration form on this page.

October to November
(Duration: days)
If you have any questions, the organizers would love to hear from you at lumberjanes@folleterre.org

Outside of Gatherings

If it is your first visit to Folleterre, you should come during a gathering. Read more about visiting Folleterre on our FAQ page.

If you are a regular visitor to Folleterre, and are interested in visiting outside of gathering times, please contact us at visitor@folleterre.org before making any travel plans, so that we can make sure you are up to date on the situation at the sanctuary (schedules, running the house, etc….) and give you any information you might need.

Any visit to Folleterre in the Cold Seasons and Long stays at Folleterre must be approved by the Stewards Circle.
The Stewards Circle Welcomes all communication about visiting the Sanctuary.
Be aware that during visits outside of gatherings, you must take full responsibility for opening, running, and closing the house safely.